Structuration of Graduate School ENGSYS-632


The board of graduate school ENGSYS-632 by one leader, 3 deputies, each deputy is affected to one domain and acts as director of doctoral studies (DED).


Leader of GS ENGSYS-632

 Henri HAPPY.


Directors of doctoral studies (DED)


Council and executive board


Council of GS ENGSYS-632

The council is defined with respect of of "Arrêté du 26 août 2022", and also takes into account the policy of the graduate program concerning better implementation of Master/PhD relationship.

Executive boarl of GS ENGSYS-632

This board is composed by the director and the 3 deputies. It in charge of day-to-day management of the graduate school, and meets once a month.


Planning of  GS ENGSYS-632

 Link to the planning.