Application to a PhD - 2024

Application to a doctoral contract

You will find under the heading "Thesis topics 2024" the list of open positions for PhD the research topics (or a link to the website of the research Lab).

If you are interested by one research topic, take contact with the reaserch group for more details and interviews.If you agree to apply to the call, you must fill this application form and send it back to your supervisor.

Timetable of 2024 procedure

The deadline to submit your application form is defined by each Domain of the doctoral school. The main important dates are:

  • February 12 th : deadline to display research topics of 2024 on website of doctoral school,
  • May  13 th : Deadline to submit your application to your supervisor
  • May 22: Deadline for domain juries, and feedback of rankings from DEDs to the ED secretariat.
  • May 27: Executive Committee - presentation of domain rankings.
  • May 28: ED ENGSYS Bureau meeting.
  • May 31: Council of doctoral school ENGSYS - Award of doctoral contrats 1st session

Characteristics of doctoral contract

The doctoral contract is a fixed-term contract of 3 years, for a full time working on the research topic. The laureates need to register as PhD students each year to the institution that  take in charge the doctoral contract, basing on the supervision of doctoral school.

The grant will be 1975 euros gross per month for contracts signed from september 1st, 2022. 


Official text on doctoral contract (In French)