Industrial Contract CIFRE

Step 1: Request a letter of commitment from the DE for a CIFRE agreement

The ED can draft a letter of commitment for a CIFRE agreement or any other agreement. Candidates for a CIFRE PhD must demonstrate the excellence of their previous academic career and an aptitude for research. They must have obtained at least all M1 and M2 modules in the first session, and must be highly ranked in their year.

ED internal procedure:

Send to the ED secretariat ( in 1 PDF file only : 
                a) the company's letter of commitment,

                b) the information sheet and the student's academic file.

The DED examines the candidate's application (scientific level, suitability of training profile for proposed thesis topic, etc.).
If the DED approves the application, the DED secretariat issues a letter in which the director undertakes to authorize the candidate's enrolment, subject to obtaining CIFRE funding and meeting all regulatory requirements at the time of enrolment.

Step 2: After ANRT and company approval, registration on ADUM

Follow the 1st year CIFRE registration procedure on ADUM

For information: DED list 

Electronics: Prof. Vincent Thomy 
Electrical engineering: Prof. Frédéric Giraud
Mechanical engineering: Prof. Damien Soulat